About the ErgoX Educational Tracks

Exoskeleton Track - October 13 & 14, 2020:

Exoskeleton Track Objectives:

  • Exoskeleton updates on human factors, safety, and ergonomics research methods

  • Highlights on exoskeleton standards and technology

  • The latest insights on exoskeleton types and applications, and how they can possibly reduce injuries and improve human performance or mobility

  • Virtual demonstrations of exoskeletons for different industries

  • Candid evaluations, methods, expectations, and findings

Cyber Security Track - October 13, 2020:

The Human Factors Surrounding Trust & Deception in Cybersecurity

Human decision making is often considered a weakness in cyber, with humans regarded as a type of vulnerability and a common cause of security incidents. However, this is a limited perspective. Panelists will discuss concepts of trust and deception, and how they play a role in human decision making in cyber security. Panelists will also help characterize those concepts in the context of blue team and red team behaviors, from a variety of perspectives (academia, government, and industry).

Cyber Security Track - October 14, 2020:

Lies, Pseudoscience, & Hype in the Cybersecurity of Human Factors

Cybersecurity affects all of us, and the public is starting to recognize the need for solutions. But with more demand comes more marketing, pseudoscience, and even lies about the problems, challenges, and solutions. Panelists will discuss what they perceive to be the most impactful misconceptions, within their research, among their customers, in various security sectors, in organizations, and among the general public. The focus will then turn to generating strategies, practices, and research ideas toward leveraging good human factors to combat the problems. 

Robotics Track - October 13 & 14, 2020

The goals of the ErgoX Robotics Track are to:

  • Explore robotics and future of work

  • Uncover human-robot communication technologies and safety

  • Find insight in robotics methods and various applications

  • Discuss with experts on robotics challenges and priorities in Human Factors aspect

  • Network for partnership on robotics research for worker health and well-being

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