Chats with Fellows

Chats with Fellows – Thursday October 1, 2020 at 2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern

Please join us for the inaugural sessions of Chats with Fellows, the virtual version of the highly acclaimed Posters with Fellows sessions. In Chats with Fellows, two HFES Fellows will discuss an important and timely topic, guided by a moderator who is also a Fellow. Participants will be able to listen to these discussions and ask questions of their own. Topics will include:

  • Is There a Place for Practitioners in HFES?
    Tom Albin | Nancy Larson
    Carol Stuart Buttle – Moderator


  • Has HFES Opened Themselves Enough to Social justice?
    Chris Wickens | Barrett Caldwell
    Caroline Cao – Moderator


  • Can a Human Age Gracefully in the Complex Technological World We Live In?
    Karen Jacobs | Sara Czaja
    Kathy Mosier – Moderator


  • Is Human Factors and Ergonomics a Dying Field?
    Nancy Cooke | Peter Hancock
    David Rempel – Moderator


  • How Does HFES Lead in the Future?
    Deborah Boehm-Davis | Kermit Davis
    Philip Kortum - Moderator

Join this session to hear these important discussions by some of the thought leaders in our profession.

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